Best way to look up a phone number for free in 2015

Best way to look up a phone number for free in 2015

A new year! A new chance to look up the name behind a phone number. In this article, we will go over which methods WORK and which reverse phone lookup methods are outdated in 2015. As the new year picks up speed, there will surely be more methods to add to list as time goes on, so come back to see if new changes have been added every once and awhile. The new year will feature some great new articles about carrier-specific phone numbers, and how you can find the name of a phone…continue reading →

EFF breaks news on how Comcast released thousands of unlisted numbers, threatens customer privacy

On Thursday August 25th, 2014, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released a news article detailing how Comcast (now Xfinity) accidentally released thousands of phone numbers into the public domain from customers who had paid monthly charges to remove their numbers from phone databases and no-call lists. This breach affected an estimated 74,000 people, most of whom had tried contacting Comcast years prior to report that they were receiving calls from scammers and other people who found their phone number online. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are a Comcast customer and have…continue reading →

Scammers now posing as IRS agents to trick victims over the phone

You probably dread a call from the IRS, but a new scam that is sweeping the nation is even more nefarious, a scam that involves a blocked number, or a number using Google Voice that indicates the call is coming from Washington DC, or another area where the IRS is located. This popular phone scam involves a person of Indian or Pakistani dialect, which may indicate that the call originated from eastern Asia. This scam has just picked up in recent weeks, with over 30 news articles daily reporting the incident. Many news…continue reading →