Method: How to find a name behind a phone number using Google


Usually when a person calls you, they will leave a message or voicemail telling you who they are, but in certain circumstances when they don’t leave any information, or don’t want to be found, you need to use Google to find out as much information as you can. This method will reveal how to find the name of a business, person, or entity that has called you, as long as you have the phone number of the person who called.


1: Write down the phone number, or copy it somewhere so you have it readily available. This is important to reverse cell phone search someone.

2: Go to, enter the phone number in the search field

Type your phone number into google

Here is an example of the phone number “555-555-5555” being typed into Google

3: Press enter, or Google Search, and check the first few results. If it automatically doesn’t appear, try putting parenthesis around the number, like this: “555-555-5555”, this will search for the exact number order in Google, to see if it brings up any matches.

4: Still no matches? Try this instead: has a full directory of names and numbers, so in Google, we want to search their entire database, without having to pay anything. Here is how you do it, with the code you can use: "555-555-5555"

Replace the number in parenthesis (555-555-5555) with the phone number you are searching for. Then click on “search”. It will bring up results that are ONLY from, so you can see exactly who results are available.

Still not working for you? No results available? Check out the other methods in the methods section of the website!

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