With any luck, the number that called you last and didn’t leave any info has probably called other people and done the same thing. Wouldn’t it be cool to ask those people who were also called if they know anything about the caller? Well now you can, thanks to some great websites that let you enter the phone number that called you and see a long list of comments from other people who were also called by the same number.

Below we have a link to a review of the best sites to look over if you plan on going about this method, with a ranking system based on the sites so you can use the best one for your needs! All you need to do is visit the site and type in your phone number, results will appear if it is in the database, if no results appear, that means it hasn’t been logged, but you can always put down some information about the caller yourself (ex: when they called, if they said anything, who you think it might be, etc, etc).

What is a phone database website?

A phone number database website is a user-generated site that allows users to search for reported phone numbers. These phone numbers could be reported for various reasons, such as being spammy, or trying to sell the user something (like from a telemarketer). In most cases, these databases are unmoderated, which means that the administrators of the site do not vet whether or not the information on the site is accurate. It’s important to keep this in mind as you review the information related to each number on these directories – some information will be out of date or innacurate, which is why we always recommend to use a trusted reverse phone number lookup website (such as Lookify.io) that verifies the information about each phone number.

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  1. Tera

    You need targeted visitors for your website because they don’t know what they are missing. This totally helped me so THANK YOU. This is a VERY POWERFUL and POPULAR method that I didn’t even know about. I am so glad you reopened this website to the public.

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