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The Landline Call Blocker is designed to block all unwanted calls from telemarketers, solicitors, credit card companies, political calls or any other type of unwanted callers. It is able to block up to 1000 different numbers with digits 8-16 with a simple press of the “Block” button located on the unit. The Landline Call blocker includes a (5″ x 3″) LCD display illuminated by a blue blacklight with 4 different levels of brightness, for easy viewing either in the day or the night. The Landline Call Blocker stores up to 100 incoming calls and 50 outgoing calls with the ability to block any of those numbers at any point in time. With the inclusion of batteries to this device it allows the device to have a Non-Volatile memory, meaning that even if power is disconnected to the device it will still continue to block calls. This device also includes a stand which allows the device to be mounted either on the wall or to be standing on the desktop.


  • Includes a (5″ x 3″) LCD display with 4 different levels of brightness which allows the device’s screen to be viewed either at night or day.
  • Fairly cost efficient compared to other devices.
  • Customer service is said to be fantastic with any issues with this device.
  • Red LED notification light located on front top of the device.
  • Includes a 1 year warranty.
  • The device will still retain the blocked numbers even if the device runs out of battery, which is useful so that you don’t need to re-add the numbers to the blacklist each time the device powers off.


  • Uses 4 AAAA batteries which are not included when purchasing the device.
  • Few customer reports that the device itself when connected never blocked calls, or never worked at all.
  • Few customer reports that this device does not block calls from over sea telemarketers who use private listing calls.

Overall Rating:


The Landline Call Blocker is a very good device for blocking unwanted spam or telemarketers. Although being a fairly cost efficient device there are some problems customers have been reporting. This device includes a 4 brightness LCD display screen that allows customers to view the screen easily in the day and night. The Landline Call Blocker has the ability to block up to 1000 different numbers with digits from 8-16 different characters. The simple block feature allows for users to easily and effectively block calls with the touch of a button. Although there have been reports of the device not working, overall the general majority of the reviews on this device are positive. This device is recommended to individuals who are looking to rid their phone of the spam messages they are receiving.

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