IRS Phone Call Scam – How to Spot and Avoid

In recent years, scammers have been impersonating IRS agents and calling unsuspecting victims, stating that you owe money, or are subject to a lawsuit because you did not file your taxes correctly. Usually they will ask you for personally identifiable information, such as your Social Security Number (SSN), and credit card or payment details. These calls are common, because many times the unfortunate reality is that they work. In fact, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reported that more than 15,800 victims have sent in excess of $80 million to IRS scammers…continue reading →

Scammers now posing as IRS agents to trick victims over the phone

You probably dread a call from the IRS, but a new scam that is sweeping the nation is even more nefarious, a scam that involves a blocked number, or a number using Google Voice that indicates the call is coming from Washington DC, or another area where the IRS is located. This popular phone scam involves a person of Indian or Pakistani dialect, which may indicate that the call originated from eastern Asia. This scam has just picked up in recent weeks, with over 30 news articles daily reporting the incident. Many news…continue reading →