3 Steps To Look Up A Phone Number For Free

There are many ways to find out who called you using free methods readily available online. As long as you have the phone number you will be able to search for that persons’ name and address for free using many free online websites.

Many of these resources are free and publicly available. A great place to start is to enter the persons phone number in Google, as this will bring up any social media sites that may have been associated with the phone number in the past. Additionally, you may want to check your local phone book or phone directory to see if the phone number you have is listed publicly. Many companies will have their phone numbers added to the directories by default, as it is used in marketing. For individuals who don’t own a business, there are other alternatives, you can use a popular website such as this one to find out who called you.

Here is a list of steps which will make your search easier when you go about finding out the name or more information about the person that called you:

1: Write down all the information you know about the phone number, the caller, and the time and date that you were called. If the person called using a blocked number, you might want to use a unblocking app or caller ID, usually available from your carrier.

2: Identify what area code the phone number is in.

3: Check to see if the person is using a VOIP service like Google Voice or Burner App.

Once you have this information it will make it much easier to find out who called you, wether it be a friend, a business partner, or someone who wants to remain anonymous. The harder they try to remain anonymous, the harder it will be to find them, but there is always a way to find out who called! Read on to find out how you can take a phone number and return information about where the person lives and who they are.

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  1. Olarian Augustin

    Love the examples given, after the third method I was able to find out all the info i needed. thank you again

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