Method: How to connect directly to voicemail when calling someone

We had an article a while back that allowed you to use SpyDial to listen to someone’s voicemail if you didn’t want to call them, and now we have a brand new method to share with you today. This method will discreetly allow you to hear and even record a voicemail message to the person you are trying to reach, as long as their phone is on and working correctly. Keep in mind: You will need to have a phone in order for this method to work. This method will allow you to be directly connected to the persons voicemail, your phone number WILL show up on their phone unless you are using a number cloaker. Your number will also be visible to call blockers on landline phones such as this one. If this is an issue and you would rather not appear on their call history, you can use this method instead which will hide your phone number

How it works

For this method we are going to be using a service called Slydial. Slydial is a free service that connects you directly to someones voicemail so you can leave a voicemail message. In most cases what happens is that the service connects you to the voicemail you are trying to reach, then the person you are calling receives a voicemail alert 30 seconds to a minute after you have called, informing them that they have a new voicemail. You might hear a ringing noise as it is being connected but bear in mind that there is usually a 2-3 ring tone before every successful connection, so no need to worry about the person picking up the phone during that time, they can’t actually hear the rings on their end. This is a free service offered, the company makes money by playing a short advertisement before the call is placed, so as long as you are willing to listen to the advertisement you can easily use the Slydial service over and over again. 

call voicemail without talking to the person

How to use SlyDial

If you have a windows phone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android, you can download the SlyDial app here and connect to the person you want to reach that way. SlyDial works on both mobile and landline phones. If you do not have a cell phone listed above, you can call this number and will be connected after a brief advertisement: 267-SLY-DIAL (267-759-3425). (Note: If you are planning on doing this a lot and don’t want to hear the advertisement each time, you can purchase the MYSlyDial plan and skip the advertisement at the beginning of the call. Features and pricing is available on their website.) Once you leave your voicemail message, just hang up as you normally would, your message will be available for the person to listen to after a short while. 

Benefits of SlyDial:

  • Don’t need to talk to the person you are trying to call if you are short on time
  • Don’t need to listen to other offers from businesses
  • Quickly get your point across without being interrupted
  • Much more!

If you are looking to find out who called you using a service like Slydialer, be sure to check out this article here: Lookup the name behind the person who called you. Note: In some situations, people have said that when they called the person they wanted to leave  voicemail with, the person picked up the phone and answered, this is very rare and you can report these phone numbers to SlyDial directly so that they can fix this in the future. In that type of situation it is best to hang up if you do not want to talk directly with the person. 



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